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Valerie Coe 2021


Painting allows me the freedom to heighten colors and to enhance subjects, creating a new reality, which is so central to the joy of being an artist. The freedom and contentment I find on the back of a horse provide the focus and the inspiration for my work. My husband Ned and I raise Red Angus cattle on the edge of the Great Basin, ​work that not only inspires me but provides me with an abundance of subject matter. ​My paintings celebrate the essential role of the horse in ranch life and the bond between horse and rider that so deeply defines Western culture. To see more of my ​paintings, please visit my website at www.valeriecoe.com


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'Unseen Friends'
 15.5 x 14  Watercolor 

  14 x 11 Watercolor  

'Towin' The Line'
20 x 24  Watercolor 

'Dos Amigos'
  21 x 17 Watercolor 

'Springtime Siesta'
6 x 9  Oil

  12 x 9 Oil


11 x 14 Watercolor