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Carl Ciliax 


Carl’s journey to becoming an accomplished western sculptor has been unique. His family’s roots go deep in the west...three generations deep in the Arizona Territory. Born in southern Nevada with a passion for the outdoors and a love of wildlife, Carl became an expert on the Desert Bighorn Sheep and was an accomplished guide by his early twenties.  The sheep guiding connected Carl with the horses, and that took on a life of it’s own. Carl spent nearly a decade in the horse business and lived the cowboy life. 
With more than twenty bronze sculptures completed and cast,  Carl was honored to receive a commission to sculpt a monument for the historic city of Orland, California.  “Sagebrush and Silence” was dedicated as Orland’s first public art installation in the city center. What you see in Carl’s work today comes from his past, a three dimensional reflection of personal events and stories told. Honoring our western heritage with his creative spirit and fine craftsmanship, Carl creates works of art, beautiful in detail, form and movement. Each piece respectful, each piece telling a story… 

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 'Saturday Night Saddle'
Bronze  9x5.25x4.5

 'Sage Brush and Silence'
Bronze  36x30x14

 'Lady Can Run'
Bronze  15x24x8

 'Elk Dreamer'
Bronze  21x7.5x7.5

 'High N Wild'
Bronze  24x13.5x15

 'Risky Business'
Bronze  28x21x12

 'Clear Intentions'
Bronze  21x20x12

 'Forty Dollar Saddle'
Bronze  3.25x7x5.75

 'Tailgate Trappings'
Bronze  15x12x13

 'Desert Loft'
Bronze  15x14x7.5

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