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Joe Milazzo

 Joe considers his ability a God-given talent. One that he doesn't take for granted.  "It is a blessing and a privilege to be able to render images and give the glory to God.” His delicate, yet intricate lines and his attention to detail make him a sought after artist. His commissions of prominent figures for public and private clients are collected internationally. 
Milazzo has recently added charcoal and a hint of color to his drawing resume. 
This allows him to create much larger scale drawings and yet still keeping the same technique.  The larger drawings are even more dramatic. 

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'Sharing The Wisdom'
x 17
Mixed Media

8 x 11.5
Mixed Media

'A Time to Pray'
28 x 23
Mixed Media

x 10
Mixed Media

x 8.5
Mixed Media

'Mountain Man'
x 7
Mixed Media

x 8.5
Mixed Media

'National Treasure'
x 23
Pen & Ink / Charcoal

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