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Marti Miller Hubbell 

 Marti Miller Hubbell was raised on the ranch in San Benito County that her great-grandfather homesteaded in 1882.   She celebrates California's ranching heritage and her love of nature in her paintings. Helping her husband with the cattle gives her inspiration and the opportunity to chronicle the cowboy lifestyle up close and personal.    “While I hope that my passion for the west and its inhabitants is evident, I give equal importance to the honesty and accuracy of my paintings. These are scenes from my life.” 

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'Nickers and Nuzzels'
  10 x 12 
Colored Pencil

'Hare Conditioning'
  20 x 10 

'Enough Mom'
  12 x 10 
Colored Pencil

'California's Call of the Wild'
  14 x 9 
Colored Pencil & Oil Pastel

'Chillin' on the Job'
  12 x 11 
Colored Pencil

'Blue in the Bridle'
  11 x 9 
Colored Pencil
$ 875

'Tools of the Trade'
  13 x 10 
Colored Pencil

'Black Baldie Babes'
  10 x 15 
Colored Pencil